About Us

John Stevens, EA,  is licensed to practice before the IRS. Mr. Stevens is an economics graduate of the University of Minnesota. He has been doing professional tax work since 1966 and is a Fellow of the National Tax Practice Institute.


Geeta McGibbonEA, is licensed to practice before the IRS. Ms. McGibbon holds a bachelor's degree from Carleton College. She has been doing tax and accounting work for 20 years and has completed the first level of three towards her National Tax Practice Institute Fellowship.


Felicia Stevens, John's eldest daughter, is our office administrator and receptionist.  She holds a BFA from the University of Minnesota, is a member of Phi Beta Kappa Honor Society, and will be studying accounting at Saint Paul College this fall.

Outside of the tax business, Felicia teaches at CorePower Yoga and Ballare Teatro Dance Theatre.  A life-long vegetarian, she also enjoys cooking and exploring the Cities' wine shops.